Usually when I get mail over the contact form it’s most likely spam, a journalist or people who are interested in the things that I write about or doing business with me. I do love constructive feedback and sometimes I get pearls like the mail Zelda Robbins sent me today. Included was the link to a research graphic they did and recently published.



Managing an e-Sports Team

Of course managing an electronic sports team is a bit more complex in reality but this is a great Info-graphic that gives a nice overview, is easily understand and relate able for traditional media journalists and people without any knowledge about electronic sports. I’ll always gladly feature content like this and write a few words about it if someone makes me aware of it. This is a perfect example of one of the good mails I get from the contact form.

Now here is a bad one.


I understand that some people get upset if something is not working and I’m happy to solve problems together with them if they let me get in touch. In fact I did reply before noticing the name and E-Mail. I thought his name was probably Scandinavian. It’s not. I checked. I know I don’t have a fancy site but it survives Reddit traffic spikes and does what it needs to do.

Like Jesse Pinkman would say.


I know you are expecting the ugly mail now. But I’ll fill that spot when I get the green light from my legal representation.Thanks for reading and have a great day.

P.S:  Don’t forget 10th of May is Mother’s Day.