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Interview Razer Blueprints

Publication year: 2005

An interview from 2005 where I was invited to share my opinion as a consultant for marketing and product development for Razer USA Ltd together with the company CEO Robert Krakoff with the biggest Razer Fansite at that time.

Don’t panic – Why there is no Esport crisis

Publication year: 2009

This article was a crafted, experimental opinion posted as a fictional writer to measure reactions and virality of the article on the uproar from the electronic sports scene in 2009 after one of the biggest tournament organizers filed bankruptcy and esport fans globally started to panic that their favorite sports might die in the near future.

The experiment was a great success, with well over 150.000 views, reader interaction and virality in less than 48 hours.

NewScientist Magazine

Hal Hodson
Publication year: 2014

NBC News

Devin Coldewey
Publication year: 2014

World Sports Law Report

Bjoern Franzen
Publication year: 2014

This article was originally published in World Sports Law Report Volume 12 Issue 9, September 2014.